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…it’s me Najmah,

After being AWOL from my blog for the past couple of years, I’m back. Not sure for how long, so let’s see how it goes this time.

But for now just want to say Ramadan Mubarak to everyone fasting this year.

Stay home, stay safe!




A much needed update!

Hey hey!

Incase I haven’t highlighted it before, I’ve added my LinkedIn Profile page where you can find my profile, which I use for my professional networking.

I’ve recently updated the about me page Najmah Bibi, where you can find out alot more about me, my hobbies, interests, etc. So take a look and any feedback would as always be appreciated!


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Ramadan Mubarak!

Hey hey!

It’s my second day of fasting today and I want to wish all Muslims reading this – Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan Mubarak

For all the non-Muslim readers; Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar in which all Muslims fast – from sunrise to sunset. As Ramadan is one of the five ‘pillars’ of Islam, those, who are physically able are required to fast each day for the entire month. Fasting helps teach Muslims self-discipline, self-restraint and generosity. It reminds them of the harsh reality of some poverty-stricken families around the world, who go through this on a daily basis. During Ramadan, Muslims say prayers from The Holy Book Qur’an and they have to refrain from distractions and negative habits.

I find the initial days of fasting hard, as it takes time getting used to the long hours; currently I’m fasting from 3:10am to 9:30pm. However, in the next few days I’ll try to update you all with an in-depth post on Ramadan. So until then!

Signing off…


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The reality of the 10,000 words dissertation looms…

Hey hey!

As the title suggests this post is dedicated to the mammoth 10,000 word dissertation I have to do this semester; it’s based on victims from ‘troubled’ backgrounds who don’t seem to be have a voice in the media. So what led me to do my dissertation on this subject?

Well, it was the whole Jimmy Savile case that got me interested into finding out more. When I first heard about it in the news, it just riled me up. An individual who became so powerful that he/she could do anything and get away with it – like Savile who thought of himself as being ‘untouchable’ and he was able to prey on 450 victims. The victims being from ‘troubled’ backgrounds were not believed by the media or the police even though it was said to be an open secret.

However researching further into this subject I discovered several other cases such as the Rochdale abuse case and the Oxford child rape case, where the victims were runaways from care homes. So seeing all this, I believe there is an issue and decided to write about it.

The reading that will go into this dissertation will be humongous, including the surveys/questionnaires and the people I have to contact. So the next few months, I can say I won’t be having any sort of social life – just books and my laptop to keep me company. Reality has definitely set in for me!



It’s 2013…and has snow come already?

Hey hey!

Happy Belated New Year everyone! So this is officially my first blog entry in 2013, 🙂 as for resolutions I have not kept any for this year – because to be honest I cannot keep them; I have tried and failed. Now for once trying something new!

Moving on, over the last few days a white blanket has covered England which has been playing on everyone’s mind and on the news quite alot; this has caused inconveniences for many people, through traffic and the transport. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s snow! Yes, it has snowed, the temperatures have dropped around most parts in the UK but I love it because I know it’ll be gone in a few days and won’t be seen again for a year or so. The best thing is that it’s my birthday on the 24th January, and usually it’s raining but not this year I’m happy to say, although slipping on the snow is not something I’m looking forward to. So thank god, Uni has not started yet.


It’s Snowing!
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In a utterly happy mood

Hey hey!

I think the title of this entry speaks for itself as to what mood I’m in.

If you have been following my Twitter, then you may have an idea what it is. So here it is in a nutshell – all the mind wrenchingly difficult work from the past three months has ended today. I think everyone feels a sort of relief when they hand their assignments in; for me it was like as a huge weight’s was lifted off my shoulders but now I’m just looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep without the stress.

Now that I am going to take a well deserved break, I’ll finally have time to do some writing for Yuppee Magazine (I have many ideas) before next semester starts and the realisation of all the dissertation work sets in.

If I don’t get a chance to update my blog again, I just want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Enjoy yourselves!



My re-appearance in the blogging world…

Hey hey, I’m back!

Before I say where I  have been hiding the past two months I have big news, it is big news for me. After months of waiting my Different Weddings feature as been published! (Go to pg’s 42-44, it’s the two-page spread called ‘Asian Weddings’ and I think the title says it all regarding the content). Another thing that you might notice is that my nickname ‘Naj Bibi’ has been used as the byline, this is due to the fact that everyone at Wedding Scene called me Naj.

So during the past month, I’ve fasted in the month of Ramadan. (Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, in which it is compulsory for all Muslims to fast). I was waking up at 2am in the morning to keep the fast and then it was no eating or drinking for 20 hours (sunrise to sunset). I ws breaking the fast at 9pm at night, it was bloody hard, I tell you. So whilst on hunger strike I also watched the London 2012 Olympics, which I throughly enjoyed and I have to say during those two weeks I really felt proud to be British – which I’m sure many people in the UK did.

An incident with a particular dentist re-ignited my dental phobia; well, long story short back in 2010 I had a root canal done and suffice to say the procedure was unsuccessful. Two weeks ago (thankfully I had finished fasting) a infection set in and another visit to the dentist was called. I don’t want to bore you with the details but the tooth in question has now been extracted, so thanks for nothing lady dentist! Not to mention the money I wasted.

Change of subject is needed, I think I am going to end up drifting off if I don’t stop now.  I am beginning my final year of my degree in approx two weeks and to be honest I am not looking forward to it. Deadlines, pressure, stress and assignments will again take over my life. *sigh*

I have added a new page on my portfolio of work, it’s not much but you can all check it out. I know my dentist trip was turning into a rant but just wanted to get it off my chest. It must have happened to many people, whom have trusted dentists with their teeth and been let down. So if anyone has had some sort incident happened to them at their dentists, do let me know!


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Gamer on Hunger Strike to Save the Children

I wrote this news article for my European/International Journalism module, it’s old news but it showcases my writing skills.

A famous professional gamer in Belgium has gone on a hunger strike to raise awareness about the worst hunger crisis in The Horn of Africa and raise $1 million for charity.

He is working with his friends to live-stream 24/7 daily to get people donating.

The ShareCraft 2012—Save the Children Challenge is a Facebook fundraising campaign which started on March 25 and will run for 100 days.

Currently the campaign has raised $377,062 with 73 days remaining, largely due to contributions from gamers.

The idea of Operation ShareCraft was born after he watched the Kony 2012 video and felt really inspired by it.

“I decided to start by focusing on Save the Childrens’ work in The Horn of Africa. It has not been covered much by mainstream media and this is where millions of people are struggling to survive the worse hunger crisis in 60 years,” said Athene.

Athene began water fasting on April 14 and will continue until the media sheds more light on to the hunger crisis in Africa.

According to a fitness website, water fasting is a natural way to help you lose weight and cleanse your body of toxins and disease.

Athene has consulted doctors and experts to make sure he is fasting responsibly and healthily.

He has cameras live streaming 24/7 through his channel, so everyone can keep a track of his hunger strike although he is only there for a few hours.

In 2001, Athene started off his career in the Belgian version of Big Brother in which he was evicted after three days.

Today, he is an extravagant Internet celebrity to many gamers, holding a record in the online game World of Warcraft and in online poker.

A spokesperson from Save the Children said, “Athene is just acting as the fundraiser, kind of like the mouth to the campaign, but the money comes through PayPal directly to us.”

As an incentive, gamers who donate enter in to the ShareCraft 2012 “Fundrazr” challenge, in which they are able to win gaming equipment from leading brand Razer.

Athene said, “The Internet has come to a point where when we simply collectively reach out for what we think is right. Real change often follows.”

The Save the Children spokesman said, “Social Media technology such as live streaming enabled this to occur when it couldn’t occur before. We see this as a dawn of new era in fundraising.”

Athene stated, “I can’t raise one million dollars on my own, but together we can.”         

Question was put forward via e-mail with regards to how he makes a living out of this but received no answer.

The Belgium based Operation ShareCraft is a project focused on charities that have been thoroughly researched and proven to be efficient and effective.

For more info check out website:

http://www.opsharecraft.com/ and http://www.athenelive.com/.

Follow Athene on Twitter: @AtheneLOL


Good News!

Hey hey!

It is going to be a short update for you guys today, just wanted to share some news with you. Many of you might not that a month ago I had the 80wpm shorthand exam. So today there is some good news I would like to share with you, I have passed it! Yes, I have passed the 80wpm shorthand exam! I have surprised myself! Before the exam I was confident I was up to speed with my shorthand, but all that went out the window once the exam started. Which is why I was utterly shocked when I found out the results because I definitely thought I messed up in the exam big time. There must have been loads of errors and if it was a NCTJ exam I wouldn’t have passed, so I count myself lucky today!

Anyway that is that. What else! Hmm, in a few weeks I have my practical driving test which I am not at all confident in and am not looking forward too either. If I pass then I would have absolutely outdone myself! *Fingers Crossed*