Good News!

Hey hey!

It is going to be a short update for you guys today, just wanted to share some news with you. Many of you might not that a month ago I had the 80wpm shorthand exam. So today there is some good news I would like to share with you, I have passed it! Yes, I have passed the 80wpm shorthand exam! I have surprised myself! Before the exam I was confident I was up to speed with my shorthand, but all that went out the window once the exam started. Which is why I was utterly shocked when I found out the results because I definitely thought I messed up in the exam big time. There must have been loads of errors and if it was a NCTJ exam I wouldn’t have passed, so I count myself lucky today!

Anyway that is that. What else! Hmm, in a few weeks I have my practical driving test which I am not at all confident in and am not looking forward too either. If I pass then I would have absolutely outdone myself! *Fingers Crossed*



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