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It’s Halloween…

Hey hey! 🙂

Halloween is just around the corner now and many of you will have planned parties or have been invited out by friends to celebrate – by dressing up in different/odd/strange costumes imaginable, to party till late or even trick-or-treating; but as I’m a Muslim, I don’t celebrate it. So I’ll be settling down to watch one of many movies. Sounds boring, you’re probably thinking, but it is not at all boring because I absolutely LOVE watching horror movies! This has become a tradition for me of some sorts.

Even though I don’t celebrate it, I decided to blog and share with you guys these five halloween movies which I have watched and enjoyed.

 Halloween  (1978)


The Shining
The Shining

Ringu (Japanese Version)

World War Z

Sleepy Hollow

If you are celebrating Halloween completely different this year than the norm, I would love to know so do leave a comment.

And if you do decide to watch any of these movies from above, or if you have seen them already; let me know what you thought about them.

Until next time…



Fifty Shades of Grey trailer

The much awaited full trailer of the bestselling book, that has become a global phenomenon is finally here. Is it hot or is it a big no no?

The first fully fledged trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey is here and YES, it is the official trailer. Due to the sexual content of the books, fans have been waiting to see how the movie will work, whether it will be similar to the book and if Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan can pull off Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey seamlessly.

At first glance you notice a timid, quiet Anastasia Steele who clearly looks out of place in Grey Enterprises; this scene has a little titbit similarity to the movie The Devil Wear Prada with Meryl Streep. Especially Dakota Johnson’s whole look which seems inspired by Anne Hathaway’s character of Andrea Sachs. Next we get a look at Christian Grey, who tries to look intimidating but fails miserably but hey, the interior of his office looks amazing. I want to have an office exactly like that.

The only plus side of the trailer, was Beyonce’s remix version of  ‘Crazy in Love’ which really stood out for me, it added that extra factor and made it worth watching.

All in all the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer did not do it for me. I didn’t see anything new or different however I’m reserving my full judgement for when the movie releases next year on Valentines Day.

Have a look and let me know what you think – did the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer do it for you?